Friday, 16 July 2010

The Wind and the Rain

So...How are you, my true self?

It's been a while since i've added to this place...a lot of things have happened, and have not. Humans are such strange creatures, living such short lives...but for me, a year is like a week and a blink, another unfulfilled page turns, the book half written, destiny denied..

The wheels continue to turn.

But for me? Yes, I am afraid of the big wide world. Why shouldn't I be? Because the world is big and full of little people, how can I be big there? I think I would rather be a part of my small world and be able to be big myself.

However, that option is denied me.

So I move closer to the big world...but hope I don't become small.

And inside, I howl at the moon. These restless feet...god I am old now, is my life still waiting? Can I still grab it? Why do I lack the simple power to run to the horizon?

But i'm walking.

Walk with me too.